Originally from the Seattle area, Sheila knew at a very young age that she wanted to be a performer.  More to the point, she knew she wanted to be Shirley Temple.  And Desi Arnaz, if the stories are true.  Side note: If relatives could please stop requesting she sing “Babalu” while playing the invisible bongos at family reunions, that would be fantastic.  Age 30 is about the cut-off for that still being cute.

The itch to entertain has taken Ms. Myjo up and down the West Coast as an actor, a writer, and a singer, and from time to time a (sort of) passable rhythm guitarist who would probably be much better at playing if she bothered to practice.  Some of her more notable stage roles include Annelle in “Steel Magnolias,” Gabrielle Rejane in The Ladies of the Camellias”, Hermia in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and Babe in “Crimes of the Heart”.  Landing in gorgeous, sunny Los Angeles, birthplace of the French dip sandwich, Sheila soon discovered a love for improvised theater, studying and performing at the Hothouse Spontaneous Theater, dancing with the fledgling Improv Dance Company, and appearing in a handful of improvised web series, alongside members of her incredible improv family.

In 2010, Sheila’s dear friend and former roommate, Derek Maki, approached her about co-hosting an online, geek-centric celebrity chat show with him called Coolwaters LIVE.  Although she’d never done that type of hosting before, she fell back on her improv training, and in the spirit of “yes, and…”, she agreed. Thrown in at the deep end and learning as they went, live and on the air, what resulted was a laughter-fueled, thrilling, sometimes choppy, run of 19 weekly episodes, and a whole new career aspiration for Sheila. She and Maki are currently in discussions to reboot the show.

In the meantime, Sheila has written, produced and starred in an online cooking show, Getting Schooled, a lighthearted take on culinary school geared toward the home cook and presented from the perspective of the student, rather than that of the teacher. The pilot episode, as well as instructional videos and other study aids, can be found on the official website:

Sheila’s passion for both cooking and gardening were seeded at an early age by her green-thumbed mother and her amateur culinarian father, but it wasn’t until she found herself out of work due to the rough economy, and in search of creative ways to stretch her food dollar, that she became truly fascinated with the ways of the kitchen.  The desire for fresh, home grown produce followed soon after, and both subjects continue to captivate and inspire her.


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