Garden 2012 – Finis

A shot of Garden 2012 in its lovely, untangled prime


Hey, gang.  Apologies for falling behind on the posting!  Life picked up, colder weather kicked in, and there really wasn’t a whole lot going on that was new and exciting.  Sadly, I think I have to call it: Garden 2012 is officially closed for the season.  Thanks to everyone who followed along!

For those who are curious about some of the plants we have been following, a brief recap:

The Mystery ‘Mater became obnoxiously unruly, to the point where I couldn’t stand it anymore, so we decided to let it go.  We ultimately did the same with the tomatillos, as we never did get a tomatillo harvest.  The fruit never got any bigger than gumball-sized, and although they are meant to turn purple as they ripen, they remained a steadfast golden green color.  Boo.

Other things have done well, though.  Legz is still churning out yellow pear tomatoes, although production has slowed a little as the weather turned.  Likewise, the Fresno and jalapenos still have blossoms, even though it’s the middle of November!  The Malabar spinach is growing like a weed, and it might as well be one, for all I care.  It’s so slimy that I don’t like it at all.  Bro, on the other hand, thinks it’s awesome, so we’ve kept it.  Right now he could make at least three salads of just Malabar leaves, we have so much of the stuff.

The herbs have done well, for the most part.  The basil and mint, and some of the chives are all flourishing.  We lost our poor, lovely sage plant in a rainstorm a little while back.  The little thing got deluged and drowned.  Our rosemary is struggling a bit, which saddens me.  It’s developed some kind of fungus that covers all of the leaves in a fine, white dust.  Reading up, I believe the key is to step down the watering, which I’ve done, but it only seems to get worse.  Fingers crossed it pulls through!  The thyme that I repotted is doing really well, which is wonderful.  It’s at least tripled in size since the last time I reported in.  It’s still tiny and scrawny, though, and I don’t feel quite comfortable relying on it to season our Thanksgiving dinner, so I ended up having to buy herbs at the grocery store, in spite of having them on the patio.  Hopefully it’ll hang in there and keep growing, and I can use it next year.

It has been so much fun not only watching my little patio garden grow, but sharing it with you, at the same time.  Thanks again to all of you who’ve followed along.  I’m not disappearing; I’ll still be blogging from time to time when the urge strikes, so be sure to check back!  In the meantime, help me bid adieu to the Garden 2012 portion of this blog.  When we get back out there, it’ll be garden 2013.  Oooooo, lucky!



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