Garden 2012 – Week Nineteen

  Another short one this week.  For the most part, the garden has just been keeping on keeping on, doing what it does best: growing like crazy.  I offer as evidence the mass of green that’s only gotten more tangled since last week.  I’ve given up trying to keep the plants separate.  lol


  Here’s a better picture of those Fresno peppers from last week, only they’ve gotten even longer and pointier.


  Look how huge the leaves on Sam Jackson have become!  They incredible!  My only worry is that they’ll start to choke out the tomatoes that have shot up in the last few weeks.  (You’ll have to take my word on the tomatoes; due to space constraints, it was impossible for me to get a good shot.)


  We’ve got a bunch of tiny cucumbers again this week.  I can’t seem to see the ones I showed you last week, which means they likely didn’t make it.  Sad, but the fact that we’ve got a new batch gives me hope that at least some of them will take and grow into mature fruit.

  Those first three Abe Lincoln tomatoes have already started turning red, in spite of the fact that they’re maaaaaaybe the size of a golf ball.  Disappointing, to be sure, but as they’re this plant’s first fruit, I am crossing my fingers that any tomatoes to come will be bigger.


This newer Abe Lincoln shows some promise.  It’s almost as big as its predecessors, in spite of being several weeks younger.  Gooooooo Abe Lincoln!  Get big and juicy!


  The tiny marbles of fruit on the Mystery ‘Mater have started to turn red, cementing our theory that the plant is some variety of cherry tomato.  I wish I had a Sweet Million in order to compare so that I could show you just how tiny these tomatoes are.  This one is about one third the size of the millions we harvested a while back. 


  From the look of things, we’ll be getting a bunch more of these soon.


   Again, I wish I had earlier examples from Legz’s first round of yellow pear tomatoes.  They were positively teeny compared to what he has brewing now.  There’s a shade of forced perspective going on in this pic, but not a lot.  See how much bigger the tomatoes on top are?  Incredible!


  Like I say, things are basically just growing and growing.  The mint continues to go nuts.


   The quinoa looks absolutely gorgeous.  It’s not big enough for us to get any kind of real harvest from it, but it’s so gorgeous, I prefer to let it keep doing its thing, even though we could really use the space for other plants:


  The thyme I transplanted is hanging in there.  It’s not exactly thriving, but then again, it’s not dying, either.  I sprinkled a few more thyme seeds around the rest of the pot in the hopes that I could get a good little colony going there, but have so far noticed nothing.  It may just be too late in the season to be trying for seedlings. 


  We continue to keep an eye on the tomatillos, which as I said before, just keep churning out blossoms that, while gorgeous, prove in the end to be fruitless.


  That’s it for week Nineteen, folks.  Can you believe that next week will mark five months of following our little garden?  How the time flies.  See you then!



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