Garden 2012 – Week Thirteen

This week’s update is going to be short, but sweet.  I hate to do it, but I’ve been so pressed for time lately, that a quick check-in is all I can manage at the moment.   Sorry, folks!  Look at it this way: this post makes up for all the others where I just went on and on and on.   ;)

Would you look at how lovely the garden is looking?  Okay, ignore the occasional yellow leaf.  For the most part, everything is green and thriving and lovely. 

You can see that the Swiss chard is doing incredibly well.  It’s even starting to develop those pretty bright lights colors down at the base of the leaves.  Bro keeps encouraging me to pull some leaves and eat them, but I just can’t quite bring myself to do it.  It just looks so lovely right now!   

Look how big the jalapeno plants have grown!

Taking a closer look, you can see that they’re just covered in peppers. 

Speaking of peppers, the Hungarian Sweets are definitely more yellow than green.  Soon It’ll be time to pick them. 

We did lose one Sweets plant this week.  A violent wind storm came through our area, and while we were careful to move most succeptible plants to lower groud, we apparently didn’t move one low enough.  The next morning, Bro went out to the patio to find the poor thing snapped in half.  I thought perhaps we could revive it, but Bro said there was no nope.  Ah well, sorry to see it go! 

Onto better news, the beans are still doing great.  Look at how big and plump these beans are getting! 

Our first sweet millions cherry tomato has started to turn red, and there are gobs and gobs more close on its heels.

Speaking of tomatoes, here’s your obligatory weekly picture of Legz and his growing collection of pear tomatoes.

Another yellow pear tomato that Bro has grown from a start has one teeny, lonely tomato on it now, too. 

Oh, and lookie here!  We have an Abe Lincoln or two starting up.   These are supposed to get to beefsteak size.  I can’t wait to see how they do!

The garden is filled, as ever, with tons and tons of squash blossoms.  Not only is Sam Jackson thriving…

…but the rest of the crooknecks have started blooming, too.

I’ve been tempted to pluck some of the blossoms and try frying them, but I haven’t wanted to interfere with potential squash.  I’m beginning to think I missed a trick, however, as none of the plants seem to be producing remotely gourd-like.  Perhaps we would have gotten more use out of the plants if I’d cooked the flowers.  

Speaking of things I need to just eat, here’s a salad box that Bro put together some weeks back.  Those long shoots you see towering over the rest of the box are actually garlic.  We saw that some of the cloves in the fridge had sprouted, so he put them in the ground, and this was the result.  I keep meaning to use them in something, but haven’t managed to quite yet.

Like I said, short and sweet.  Hope your week was the same, and your weekend long and even sweeter. Byeeee!


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