Garden 2012 – Week Twenty-Four

It’s official: I have given up trying to wrangle the mass of tomato, tomatillo and black bean plants that seem determined to intertwine, making a mess of the left-hand side of our patio.  With Bro and I both working day jobs, and the heat making the plants grow at a crazy pace, it has been impossible to keep up.  At this point, I wouldn’t even know where to start pulling it all apart.  Just look at it!  A wad of chewing gum in a twelve-year-old girl’s hair would be easier to untangle!

Every once in a while, I’ll make some halfhearted attempt to tuck an errant leaf back into the bunch or redirect a grasping vine so that it grabs hold of the fence, rather than a passing neighbor.  Most of that is just an effort to keep our mini jungle from encroaching on those with whom we share the apartment building.  I’m afraid there’s nothing to be done about it at this point but to cut everything back.  It’s nearly time for us to do that, anyway, so we’re going to let them go a bit more, get as much fruit off of them as we can (assuming we can reach it through the mess!), and then start getting them ready for fall/winter.

I’m about to give up on one of the plants in that bunch.  Our cucumber plant, which had SO much promise early on, has failed to produce any more fruit.  There were all kinds of starts, but one by one, each of them shriveled up and dropped off the vine.  How disappointing!  At this point, I’m not optimistic that we’ll get anything from it.  We may have to send it the way of the summer squash in order to make room for something that *will* produce.  It would be a double shame if we decide to stop watering it, as I found the coolest thing recently, while examining the cukes for fruit.

  It’s a baby avocado tree!  I wonder how long it’s been there without us being able to see it.   Looks to me like it’s been a while.  It’s so tall!  Bro had been trying to grow an avocado a while back, and after a couple of years, his was only a little taller than this one.  We really don’t have room for a full grown tree, unfortunately, but it would still have been fun to see how far we could go with it.  Who knows what our situation might be in a few years, when it would be ready to put into the ground.  Alas, if we stop watering the cucumbers, we are forced to stop watering the avocado, too.  Ah well.

The plants that have been benefiting most from the heat wave have been all of the herbs.  It’s incredible just how much they’ve grown all of a sudden.


The chives could probably use a haircut

Even the thyme is perking up.

And look!  The seeds I planted a few weeks ago have started to sprout!

And the award for Most Dramatic Growth goes to the mint!  Check out the two photos below.  The first is from last week, and the second from this week.

   Is that incredible or what?

Honestly, gang, I don’t think I’m going to be able to top that.   See you all next time.  Until then, I hope you have a great week!


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