Garden 2012 – Week Twenty-Three

Several weeks ago, I ordered dinner from a fabulous Chinese restaurant in my little neighborhood.  A short while later, it was delivered by an adorable, chubby-cheeked Asian man, who took one look at the plants peeping over the top of my fence and broke into a delighted grin.  “Ooo!  Jalapeño!” he exclaimed in heavily accented English.  He began pointing at all of the plants in turn, at each piece of dangling fruit, saying, “Jalapeño, jalapeño, jalapeño, jalapeño…,” pointing at a Hungarian Sweet, “…not jalapeño, not jalapeño, not jalapeño…,” and then back to, “ jalapeño, jalapeño, jalapeño, jalapeño.…”  As he handed me my food, his grin widened.  “I like jalapeño!”

I would hazard to guess that however much we may love spice, very few of us get that excited about jalapeños.  Or cherry tomatoes, for that matter, or tomatillos, or a wide variety of herbs.  It is for this reason that I must confess I am sometimes at a loss as to what to photograph and write about here.  When I started this blog, I set out to document my patio garden’s weekly development and to invite any likeminded nature lovers to marvel with me at the incredibleness of the growing world around us.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t still think that doing so is pretty cool.  On the other hand, I begin to question how many times I can get away with writing, “Look, a jalapeño!” and “Hey, you know that tomato I pointed out last week?  It’s slightly bigger!” before you’re all bored off your faces.  There’s a line there, somewhere, between fascinating and dull that I’m not eager to cross if I can help it.

This is never truer than when I find myself in the midst of a rare slow news week, such as the one I write about now.   I can’t help but think, “They don’t want to read about how the basil is still growing or see yet another picture of Legz that doesn’t appear very different from the one I posted last week.”  I look back at the photos I’ve taken over those seven-day periods, and I feel I have nothing to talk about.  There have been no new critters attacking, no surprise fruitings, no miraculous comebacks from the brink of veggie death.  We’ve had some noticeable growth in a couple of areas that don’t photograph well, but for the most part, everything is just carrying on carrying on.

Therefore, in the interest of trying your patience no further, I offer the following photos, for those who are interested, without (much) comment.

Black Bean Blossom

Fresno peppers in the process of turning from green to red


Tomatillo growing inside its husk

Baby Romaine, which has bolted in the heat


Look, a Jalapeño!

See you next week, people!  =blows kisses=



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